Mega-Arbel Stone Collection

mega-arbel1A natural look on a grander scaleMega-Arbel® pavers allow homeowners to create the perfectly integrated, natural-looking hardscapes they desire. Featuring a range of attractive natural hues to choose from, Mega-Arbel’s scale is similar to natural flagstone – roughly two-thirds larger than Arbel, its smaller counterpart. Plus, installation is easy – the amount of cutting required is reduced to a minimum due to Mega-Arbel’s ingenious interlocking feature.


Mega-Arbel’s bigger, bolder scale is similar to natural flagstone.
Mega-Arbel’s irregular interlocking system creates a more natural footprint.


Shapes and Styles

Belgard sets the worldwide standard for manufactured hardscapes with an extensive line of pavers and walls, featuring a range of shapes, textures, and styles rivaled only by your imagination.

Mega-Arbel Stone
3 1/8 x 15 3/8 x 21″
Quantity/pallet: 78 ft2
Pallet Weight: 2670 lbs
Knights Bridgemega-arbel6
Stone Harbor

**Also available in Amaretto and Harvest Blend