Landscape Services

A Galy Landscape and Design provides our customers with a wide variety of landscaping services and needs. With more than 40 years of experience in the green industry, A Galy Landscape and Design’s knowledge and expertise in landscaping will help create a beautiful and flourishing Florida yard and garden.

Below is a description of services we provide to our clients:

Landscape Design
Designing a customized landscape package for a customer is something A Galy Landscape and Design takes pride in. Listening and getting to know our customers is the main objective to the design and relationship. We truly are interested in learning what our customers want out of their yard and creating a paradise for them to enjoy with their family and friends. A properly designed landscape can last for years and that is why it is important to allow us to design a custom garden for you… Please call for a free design consultation today.

Landscape Installation
Once a design is chosen, you will need a professional to install your new customized landscape package. Proper installation of plants is necessary to ensure proper planting, growth and vibrant gardens. Stalk rot, root girdling and air pockets are three common installation oversights. To avoid improper installation call A Galy Landscape and Design.

Irrigation is an important and vital part of having a lush and long lived landscape. With the water restrictions that will never be removed, it is important to get the best performance out of your irrigation in the legal watering days. This is where A Galy Landscape and Design can help. From irrigation designs, new installations and rehabilitation our employees are trained to get a consistent coverage of water so all organic life will stay healthy even in the months of no rain.

Sod and Sodding
We provide sod from the best growers here in Florida including St. Augustine Floratam, Bitter Blue, Seville, Palmetto, Zoysia and Bahia. A Galy Landscape and Design removes your old and damaged turf and will install new sod of your choice. Call today for a free estimate.

Mulch and Mulching
Mulch is an important ingredient to landscape. Mulch helps maintain moisture in the ground and helps prevent weed growth. Mulch should be replenished at least once a year. A Galy Landscape and Design will install pine bark, cypress, red cypress, eucalyptus, rubber mulch and more.

Lawn Maintenance
A Galy Landscape and Design provides a maintenance service too. With a highly trained staff, we take the burden off our customers and provide weekly lawn services to maintain your Florida landscape. A Galy Landscape and Design also provides a fertilizer program. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Tree Service
Please contact us for a tree service consultation and estimate.