Hardscape Services

A Galy Landscape and Design provides hardscape as another amenity to our services. Hardscape is another wording for pavers, brick pavers, walls, retaining walls, rock beds, fire pits and fire places. All hardscape is performed by employees of A Galy Landscape and Design. Hardscape is a smart choice to enhance your yard. It is a permanent fixture for you to enjoy for the lifetime of your home. Take a look at our portfolio on our home page to see some of the creations A Galy Landscape and Design has installed.

Below is a list of our hardscape services:

Driveway Pavers are an ideal way to make people notice your house. A Galy Landscape and Design will remove your old cracked concrete and install pavers in its place. With a wide variety of colors and shapes to pick from, A Galy Landscape and Design will help you make the best choice to match your house with a new driveway. Pavers make a great alternative to concrete slabs and stamped concrete. Call A Galy Landscape and Design for a free consultation and estimate.

Patio and walkway
Want to add another room to your house? A Galy Landscape and Design can create an outdoor living area customized for you and at the cost of pennies to the dollar versus adding an expansion to your home. Patio’s make a wonderful place to cook, dine, play games or just relax. Walkways are a great way to navigate through your yard. It can be more convenient to walk on concrete than grass and walkways give a yard character. When you are ready to make a difference in your yard call A Galy Landscape and Design.

Retaining Wall and Free Standing Wall
Retaining walls are mainly used for yards with sloping. Retaining walls help provide level areas so you can get more use out of your yard and help control erosion. Retaining walls are also used to make raised plant beds. Elevating a plant bed gives definition to your landscape. Free standing walls are designed to look finished on both sides. Putting a free standing wall around a patio in the middle of a yard gives the appearance of it’s own entity. Free standing walls are used as sitting walls too.

Rock Beds
If you are tired of spending money yearly on dressing your bed with mulch than rocks are the answer. Not only are rocks permanent but can help drain rain water. Rocks will not float away from the heavy Florida rains. With the many colors available, rocks make a long lasting alternative than mulch. Although the initial impact cost is three times the cost of mulch the rocks will always be there unlike mulch.

Fire Pit and Outdoor Fire Place
Fire pits and fire places are becoming very popular. At A Galy Landscape and Design we can build a custom pit or place and compliment it with pavers, walls, lights, sitting areas and endless amount of creativity. Let A Galy Landscape and Design be the one to create the outdoor paradise you always dream of and seen in magazines.